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Committed to Improving Wound Care

Intuitive Health emerged from a profound commitment to aiding patients in their well-being and partnering with providers to improve patient outcomes. Recent expanded offerings include amniotic membrane wound care treatment, genetic testing and full lab services to include billing services, physician-owned lab services. 

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Amniotic Wound Care

The primary goal of wound care is to facilitate the healing process, prevent infection, and minimize complications. Wound care involves a variety of techniques and approaches depending on the type, severity, and location of the wound. Proper wound care can help promote faster healing, reduce pain, and improve the overall outcome for the patient.

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Organizing Test Tubes


Ranging from specific diagnostic testing to toxicology screenings.



Guidance, construction, training, and supervision for physician-owned laboratories. 

Taping a shoulder wound

The Intuitive Difference

Efficient and Effective Care

Imagine not having to transport a patient suffering with wounds and using the best in class advanced biological products all the while having the ability to treat the patient where they call home.

Where other treatments fail, we succeed.

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